Lake Norman Language Academy, Inc. 
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About Us


Our Mission

To help children, adults, groups, and businesses in the Lake Norman Area learn foreign languages and culture in a fun and easy way. Having a warm and positive environment we help our students to reach their personal goals, self confidence and understanding of other cultures.

: Prepare  children in the Lake Norman Area to get ready for the challenges that will come with a continously growing Spanish population in our country and the world. Help them to understand that they are a part of this wide, colorful, wonderful world where different languages are spoken and still we can understand each other!!!  

Adults and Families
: Help adults and families in the Lake Norman Area to enrich their personal and professional lives through the learning of foreign languages and cultures.

 Help businesses in the Lake Norman Area to become more competitive in the growing global market, through the understanding of foreign Languages and cultures

Our Vision 

Become the first option for learning foreign languages in the Lake Norman Area. We will be a place where people will learn not only a new language, but will find family values in place. Our best advertising will be our satisfied, happy, repetitive students. We will teach  foreign languages to generations and help build stronger family bonds through educational fun time together!

About the Founder

My name is Abigayl Pansini.  I was born and raised in Perú.  I started a travel agency in Peru right after leaving college mainly with the idea to be able to travel around the world, which was my dream at that age. It was founded as a family business and started with one employee. Today it has grown to 3 cities and 30 employees and it's still run it by my brothers. I also started another company as  an American  Airlines  Representative. I managed both businesses for almost 12 years  when I decided it was time for me try to reach my next goal in life.

Almost 18 years ago, I moved to the USA to pursue my Master Degree in Business Administration. Not only did I get my MBA, but also married my wonderful husband Michael. We have been blessed with our children Marcella and Anthony. Looking for ways to encourage my children to learn more Spanish, I came up with the idea to teach my language to children in a fun and easy way. I have taught Spanish at Woodlawn School, H.O.M.E. at Grace Covenant Church, Mc Kinney Academy, Davidson Elementary and currently I'm teaching the after school Spanish program at Lake Norman Elementary, Woodland Heights Elementary School and Coddle Creek Elementary.

While  I had the idea of starting  a company  here for a few years,  the right time  finally came almost 6 years ago.  I love what I am doing, teaching my language and working with students of all ages!

It is very rewarding to see  my students' progress learning Spanish. I have seen my young students blossom, developing self-confidence, making their own sentences, and speaking Spanish while having fun. My adult students are amazing, we have fun, relax, have a cup of tea, and speak Spanish! Each of my students is different, special, and I love them all !! 

To my children’s Parents

I am so THANKFUL to the parents who send and have sent their children to my Spanish classes! I know that you want your kids to get the benefits of learning Spanish while they are young. In their lifetime, the children will encounter many additional opportunities, not only in this country but around the world, as Spanish continues to grow as one of the most spoken languages in the world. As the children  grow up, they will recognize the effort you have made to give them this amazing opportunity!!  

Thank you so much for your trust and for giving me the chance to share my language and culture with your children!!  You are wonderful parents and you know how much  I love your little ones!!

                                                                     Abigayl Pansini