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Child Spanish Classes

Experts say that kids should begin to learn a foreign language from a young age; the younger, the better. A child is born with the ability to learn any language in the world . The older the child gets, certain windows close in terms of language acquisition, but so long as the child learns the language before age 12 or 13, the child should be able to speak with a native accent.

The kids will learn Spanish while having fun with music, colors, and games!  We teach and reinforce the lessons in different ways  approaching on that way to the different kind of learners. The students will learn frequently used phrases and sentences in a program where they will not only be able to understand the spoken language, but also will be encouraged to read, write, and speak it! Our goal is to make Spanish fun and easy!  

" Mrs. Elsa has done a wonderful work with our 4 year old son. She impressed all of us with her patience and approach with kids. We have been very happy with our experience with LKN Language Academy, we will be recommending to many others".
Haya Ajjan,
Assistant Professor at Elon University, NC

"I absolutely love everything about this class and I have learned so much from it and I think you have a way with kids and were born to teach Spanish. You are such a great teacher you got me so motivated to keep learning more and more. You've taught me Spanish so well but that isn't the only thing you've taught me you've taught me kindness and manners etc. and last but not least you've showed me what a great Spanish teacher looks like. I highly recommend señora Pansini to anyone who wants to learn how to speak, write, and/or read Spanish no matter if you have no experience with Spanish period or you are completely bilingual, you can still learn so much from señora Pansini. You have such a big heart and you are so kind, loving and caring for everyone. You are the sweetest teacher I have ever met and definitely have made a huge impact on my education you are so influential I think about you every day and admire you so much. You are like a second mom or an aunt to me I look up to you like a family member and that is probably because you are a family member to me. I am so glad that I was able to have you as a Spanish teacher and I'm so sad that I will not be returning next season! Muchas gracias y te quiero mucho" 
Kendall Elliot
Lake Norman Elementary School going into  Mount Mourne IB School

As a personal note, I have to add that Kendall was in our Spanish after school program for 2 years at Lake Norman Elementary School and in the third year moved to the Level 2 group class of bilingual kids. Her skill to learn Spanish was outstanding and she continued excelling with her Spanish on the higher level. She will be attending the IB program at Mount Mourne School where Spanish is part of the curriculum. I'm going to miss her kindness, her love for the class. She stole my heart and I'm sure by the time she graduates high school she will completely bilingual!!

 Group Classes for Children
We also offer private Spanish classes for children and adults at your home, school, church, or any public place.

Spanish Level 1 

Monday, 3:15 p.m. - 4:15 p.m - New Date
Session 1: Sep 7 - Dec 7 (no class on Nov 23)
Session 2: Jan 11 - Mar 21
(no class on Jan 11)
Session 3: Apr 4 - Jun 6 
(no class on Nov 23)

Children can join the session at any time, as long as there is availability. 
This class is  held with a minimum of 4  and a maximum of 8 students.

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Spanish Level 2 

Thursday, 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m 

Session 1: Sep 10 - Dec 3 (no class on Nov 26)
Session 2: Jan 14 - Mar 24
Session 3: Apr 7- Jun 2

Children can join the session at any time, as long as there is availability. 
This class is  held with a minimum of 4  and a maximum of 8 students.

Pre-requisite: This class is for bilingual kids or the ones who have started to master the language. 

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Spanish for Pre-schoolers (3-5 years old)
Give your child a  gift that lasts a lifetime! The earlier a child is exposed to a second language, the more likely they will speak it with fluency and with a native accent.  Parents are invited to be in the class having fun with their children or hanging out with the other moms or dads!

Tuesday, 1:30 p.m. - 2:15 p.m.
Session 1: Sep 29 - Dec 8 (no class on Nov 24)
Session 2: Jan 12 - Mar 22
Session 3: Apr 5 - Jun
Children can join this session at any time, as long as there is availability. 
This class is held with a minimum of 4  and a maximum of 6 students.

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Spanish at your place 
If you would like your child to learn or improve their Spanish skills . Classes could be in your home with a schedule that is convenient for you and your child. We offer these customized classes for ages 3 and up. The young kids will learn while they're playing. You can make your own group at home with your children's friends all year round.

Spanish for Homeschoolers
If you have a homeschool group with specific needs and/or schedule let us know. The instructor will go to you!


Lake Norman Elementary School - Mooresville
Woodland Heights Elementary  - Mooresville 
Coddle Creek Elementary School - Mooresville

If you would like to have a Spanish Language Club at your child's school, please
contact us
. We would be glad to bring the excitement of Spanish to the school!