Lake Norman Language Academy, Inc. 
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"Up to Age 12 the brain is a super-sponge…after this stage of development, the windows close. Therefore, it is easier to learn a foreign language in these vital years”Source:

If your child doesn't attend a school where we offer our program you have a few choices:
  • Reach out to the PTO to see the posibility of bringing the program to your school. The program doesn't cost anything to the school. Just let us know when we could show how our fun and interactive program benefit the children. Please read testimonials of principals, teachers, and students
  • Reach the principal of the school and let him/her know the benefits of bringing the program to the school. It doesn't cost the school anything, because the classes are paid by the parents. Schools that don't offer Spanish as part of the curriculum can offer the after school program to help  them to compete with the charter or private schools where Spanish is offered.
  • Check our group classes for children
  • For your convenience you also can try to get a group of children together at your house.

We're looking forward to a  MAGIC program with music, art, games, imagination and color. We make Spanish fun and easy! 

We have brought our Program (before/after school program or as part of the curriculum) to the following schools:

Lake Norman Elementary School - Mooresville
Coddle Creek Elementary School - Mooresville
Woodland Heights Elementary School - Mooresville
The Goddard School - Mooresville

Davidson Elementary School - Davidson
Little Scholars Academy of Lake Norman (Pre-School) - Huntersville
Christian Montessori School - Huntersville

We would love to bring our program to your school and help the kids to learn and embrace such important language and culture. Please contact us to arrange a meeting or with any question you may have.