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Summer Camps


Children and parents love our Spanish summer camps!! Children will learn the language through play. Our Spanish camps are so much fun! Children will do different activities such as playing, singing, cooking, acting, listening to stories and music, watching videos, while being immersed in the Spanish language all week. The best part of these camps is that the kids will be having so much fun that they won’t even realize that they’re learning Spanish!!

The camps for kids will run with small groups (4-6 students) from Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Bring a friend and get 5% discount on any of the camps if you register by May 15. If you register for more than one camp you will receive 5% off the second camp.

"Princesses and Heroes (Princesas y Héroes)" 
June 19-23/ 9a.m.-12:00pm (5-8 years old)
Our princesses protected by their heroes will be visiting a land where people only speak Spanish. They only have 5 days to learn the language before the trip. Can they do it? Get ready for the challenge! If so, they will have a great celebration with a “royal tea party”. You will dress up for the occasion with your princess dress or your favorite hero  outfit! Investment: $180 


ng the Pet Store”  Jun 26-30 (5-10 y) - We will pretend to work at a pet store while having fun! You will have a few minutes each day to play with 2 real dogs and speak to them in Spanish. We will finish our camp by visiting a real pet store. You will have the opportunity to meet and pet our new furry friends, and tour their hospital! -  $180

 “El Restaurante”- Aug 21-25 (6-10 y)  This is one of our favorites. Not only the children will learn some Spanish but also about how to run a restaurant. They kids will choose the name of the restaurant, make their our own menu, set prices, order food, and use polite words. With role playing the kids will act as customer, waiter or waitress. They will also cook some food. Through playing the kids will be learning food vocabulary, kitchen vocabulary, question words, numbers, greetings, polite words, and more. The last day of the camp we will go to a local Latin Restaurant so the kids can see it behind the scenes. Of course we will eat there. $180 (Lunch fee is not included)

“Hola niños”
 - If you would like your child to learn or improve their Spanish skills but they can’t attend one week camps, this is your chance! Classes in your home on a schedule that is convenient for you and your child!  We offer customized classes for all ages . The young kids will learn through play. You can make your own group at home with your children's friends and share the cost of the class.


¡Me gustan las bananas!

Spanish can be fun and easy! -  If your child needs help in Spanish or wants to get a head start, this is the perfect time to do it! We also offer one-on-one, group, and tutoring sessions at your home. They’ll start speaking Spanish day 1, and get the confidence needed to succeed at school!  We promised it's nothing like the school classes :) Read the testimonials of past students

Our classes are 
highly recommended by principals, teachers, parents,and students. Small groups:4-8

"Spanish Immersion Program" (Middle/High School) - Jun 19-23/ 2:00 -5:00 p.m.- This camp is targeted to the students who are already taking Spanish classes at their schools, and want to speak the language. They will learn and practice useful phrases that are needed when you travel, meet people, go shopping, practice sports, and more. We'll cook Latin food, play outside, eat ice cream, watch videos, listen to music, and go to a Latin Restaurant. It will a week full of fun and Spanish! $225 week (meal  not included )

"Mastering the Basics in Spanish"
 (Middle/High School)- Aug 21 - 25 / 2:30 p.m.- 5:30 p.m. 
This camp is targeted to students who are either learning Spanish for the first time or are already taking it but are missing the fundamentals of the language. Reading, speaking, writing and listening skills will be reviewed. In a small group, the classes will be interactive, fun, and in a relaxed setting. We promise it's nothing like the school classes :) The students will learn how to order food; we will go to a Latin restaurant to practice and celebrate the end of the camp. $225 (meal  not included )