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Spanish Tutoring

If you think your child needs help in Spanish we recommend you to get tutoring for her/him as early as possible. We have seen a big increase in the self-confidence of the students we have tutored after only a few hours of classes.  The summer is a great time to help the students  improve their skills and get a head start on the next school year. We love to see those proud and happy faces when they start to understand the language!

We tutor Spanish students for all levels:  Elementary, Middle School, High School and College. If you are taking Spanish on-line we can help you prepare for your test. The tutoring classes can be held at your home. Our classes and tutoring are highly recommended by parents, principals, teachers and students.

We are now offering Summer French tutoring!!

You can combine your private tutoring classes with group summer classes listed below. Register by June 7 to get our special summer rates. 

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" I like how we did some worksheets, and then moved to something more hands-on like songs and games, from what we were learning. Also to make conversations to different speaking people and it was easy!  ( Middle-High school Summer camp)

Ashteigh Sexton, 
Lake Norman High School
Mooresville, NC

Middle and High school students 
Our classes are 
highly recommended by principals, teachers, parents,and studentsSpaces are limited for the camps and tutoring so secure your spot right away. The following Spanish camps are held with a  minimum of 4 students.

Mastering the Basics in Spanish

This camp is targeted to students who are either learning Spanish for the first time (Spanish 1) or are already taking it (Spanish 2 or Spanish 3) but are lacking the fundamentals of the language. 
Reading, speaking, writing and listening skills will be reviewed. Classes will be interactive, fun, and in a relaxed setting. The students will also learn how to order food. We will go to a Latin restaurant to practice and celebrate at the end of the  camp  (meal is not included in the fee).  The same class material will be  covered on each session. Investment: $245 per session.

Session 1: Jun 23- Jun 27/ 9:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. 
Session 2: Aug 04- Aug 08/ 9:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.

Beyond the Basics in Spanish

This camp will give students an overall of all the verb tenses in Spanish, but we'll focus on simple tenses: present, preterit, imperfect, future and conditional. This camp is especially recommended for students who are going to have Spanish 3 next year and as a review for students who will be taking Spanish 4.  The same class material will be  covered on each session. Investment: $245 per session.

Session 1: Jun 30 - Julio 03/ 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. 
Session 2: Aug 11 - Aug 18/ 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Conversational Spanish (High School) 

This camp is targeted to students who have already been exposed to Spanish but are lacking the confidence to express in this foreign language. This camp is highly recommended for Spanish 3 and above. Students who have completed “Mastering the basics” and “Beyond the Basics” camps can also attend. 
Classes will be interactive, fun, and in a relaxed settingThe students will review how to order food. We will go to a Latin restaurant to practice and celebrate the end of the  camp  (meal is not included in the fee) . Investment: $245

Aug 18-Aug 22/ 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. 



" Mrs. Pansini has been a huge help to me and my grade in Spanish. I am currently in Spanish III, by far the hardest class during my Freshman Year. I really just didn't understand my Spanish teacher, so we got Mrs. Pansini to help. What I really expected was another boring Spanish Class, but was luckily wrong. Mrs. Pansini presented everything to us in a simple, easy to understand way, while trying her best to make to make it fun and engaging, and without her help in Spanish, my grade would not have been the fantastic grade that it was".

Sam Hatfield
Mooresville, NC
South Iredell High School, IB Program


" We are very grateful for the support of Abigayl Pansini and LKN Language Academy.  Having Mrs. Pansini support our son as he has tackled Spanish III in high school has been an invaluable resource.  Having one-on-one tutoring for Spanish has boosted our son's understanding and his confidence. We hope to send him on a trip to Peru with Mrs Pansini next summer so that she can introduce him to a full-immersion experience!" 

Dr. Boen Nutting
Mooresville, NC
South Iredell High School, IB program 


"I spent a semester struggling with elementary Spanish, only to find myself floundering before the final exam.  I then turned to  Lake Norman Language Academy for some last minute tutoring help.  I’ve learned more in two days of tutoring than I had learned in the entire semester in college.  Truly, this is the most beneficial instruction I’ve had in a foreign language."

Eric Hahn
University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC)
Charlotte, NC

" Lake Norman Language Academy was exactly what helped my daughter get an A in Spanish III. The program was geared specifically to the course in high school, and the time frame of lessons worked out perfect with my daughter. She loved the one on one classes and could move as fast or slow as needed. I would recommend Lake Norman Language Academy to anyone learning Spanish."

Lori Pratt, 
Lake Norman High School 
Mooresville, NC 


"HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Our son is a 9th grade IB student. When he first started, he was really struggling and ready to give up. He was barely getting by when we discovered Lake Norman Language Academy. Abigayl was able to quickly determine Eddie's language capabilities and develop a plan of action to build on the basics while still getting him through the higher level expectations of his 8th and 9th grade classes. She gave him the courage to believe that he could learn and excel in Spanish. She works with him to better understand his learning style and adapted her lesson plan to better meet his needs. He is now able to spell, read, and speak Spanish with greater ease. Eddie was so proud of his last report card --- all of the hard work is paying off!! Thank you so much for the time, energy and most importantly love that you show Eddie …. You are making a difference in his life!!" 

Sherry White
South Iredell High School IB


"My 14 year old son struggled with Spanish from the beginning of the school year and seemed to have given up on ever doing well in the subject.  I turned to Senora Pansini in a last ditch effort to get him on the right track.
 The results have been amazing!  As of Alec’s most recent progress report, he has a 96% overall average in Spanish, a fifty point increase from 6 weeks ago. 

Abigayl’s approach to learning has helped Alec to go into his class with a better understanding of what is going on and what is expected from him. She has helped build his confidence where before he had none in this subject.
This has been a great experience and I will definitely use Lake Norman Language Academy as a resource for both of my children in the future.  Thank you so much! "

Karen Reilly Ellis, 
Mount Mourne IB School
Mooresville, NC

 "Your tutoring classes have certainly been a blessing!  My son missed the first year of middle school Spanish and had a hard time catching up to the other students the following year.  After only 2 hours of tutoring, we started to see his self-confidence rise.  After 2 tutoring sessions my son said, “I have learned more in these two tutoring sessions, than I have learned the entire school year.” Thank you so much for increasing his self-confidence and for making the language fun, easy and accessible."

Maxine Grandison
Mooresville, NC
South Iredell High Shool, IB Program


 "Our son, Zachariah, entered the 6th grade at Mt. Mourne IB this year and asked to attend the Lake Norman Language Academy this past summer so he could get a jump start on his Spanish.  We could not work our schedule to fit into one of the summer camps, but Ms. Pansini offered the option of one-on-one classes.  We were not sure that one-on-one classes would hold Zachariah’s interest, but we were very wrong……he looked forward to each class and even asked to take two additional classes so he could continue to learn new things.  Zachariah did wonderfully – he learned so much in his short time with Ms. Pansini and entered 6th grade Spanish class a very confident young man.  He even introduced himself to the Spanish Teacher at 6th Grade Orientation using the Spanish he had learned from Ms. Pansini. 

We would highly recommend Ms. Pansini and her school, the Lake Norman Language School, she is an excellent and patient teacher who transforms her love of her first language into the love for a 2nd language, Spanish, for those that she teaches."    

Belinda and Jeff Rumple 
Mount Mourne IB School
Mooresville, NC


" I passed my Spanish class!!! I couldn’t have done it without all of your help! I sure am gonna miss you!!!!  You were SUCH an amazing tutor and helped me so much! You are definitely in the right business because you make learning another language fun!"

Bonnie Almond 
University of North Carolina of Charlotte (UNCC
Huntersville, NC


" Our Spanish classes were amazing, from age 7-47, we had a fun learning experience. Abigail keeps it simple and interesting as well as communication going.  My daughter excelled in her Spanish class with the boost she got in 3 months".

Fulya Bergman Sinangil
Mount Mourne, IB School
Mooresville, NC